My name is Emanuele Stoppa, I am 30 and at the moment I live in Dublin. I got a degree in Digital Communication in Università degli Studi di Milano. Thank to this degree, I have the knowledge to decide when a particular feature is good in terms of usability, what is the best choice for the user and not for the developer. In the past years, I focused myself at the mobile devices, and studying the new requirements in terms of usability. I work for a betting company called Paddy Power as Web Developer, in particular Front-end.

For the time being, I’ve become the Lead Front-end developer of my team, collecting knowledge of the products, of the unit testing process and the standards of the team. I am specialized in HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

I always try to be up to date in terms of technologies, methodologies an standards, trying to offer my best point of view and hearing what my colleagues have to suggest to improve the products.

I like video games, books and music! I can’t consider myself and gamer anymore because of the lack of time, but I always enjoy play video games every time I have the chance!